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Arty Face: The Blogger as a Picasso

With only six months left till Halloween, I know you’re all scrambling to get your costumes together. Why not try what I tried last year and go as a Picasso? My inspiration was Woman in a Hat with Pompoms and a Printed Blouse, 1962 as seen below. This work is a linoleum cut print or “linocut.” This is like a woodblock print, only done using a linoleum tile – cheap and easy to work with. This image is thought to have been inspired by Jacqueline Roque, the artist’s second wife.


My recreation looked like this:


What do you think? Sadly, I could’t get my hands on a hat with pompoms in time for this photo.


A second shot –  with a better view of my “painted blouse” – while I send a super important text.

Can you do better? Do you have another idea? If you have pictures of yourself as a work of art or another idea for me, please share!


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